What do we get in GoCustom Package?


Under Go Custom package, you get the required customized design for your website with all the Yo!Kart default features. The final product will be very user and search engine friendly.

We will do custom responsive design for following pages:

  • Custom Homepage
  • 9 Inner Pages (Accessible without login)

Please refer to the URL’s below that we customize for the Go Custom Package.

– Homepagehttps://www.demo.yo-kart.com/

– Login/Sign Up Pagehttp://www.demo.yo-kart.com/user/account (If new version then we will have different seller sign up page as well)

– Shop Pagehttp://www.demo.yo-kart.com/shark/shops/view/3

Product Listinghttp://www.demo.yo-kart.com/women/category/view/375

– Product Detail Pagehttp://www.demo.yo-kart.com/neff-mens-banks-cap/products/view/255

Shopping Cart Page: https://www.demo.yo-kart.com/cart/display

About Us Page: https://www.demo.yo-kart.com/about-us/cms/view/4

– Contact Us: http://www.demo.yo-kart.com/custom/contact_us

– Checkout Page: https://www.demo.yo-kart.com/cart/checkout

  • User dashboard pages redesigning is excluded but, we will customize the look and feel to match with the pages we are redesigning.
  • We can provide any development customization required by you at an additional charge.

For that, you will get exclusive rights for the custom design and non-exclusive rights on the default features of the platform.

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