I am currently using Yo!Kart, can I also use the Yo!Kart android mobile app? Any Extra charge?


Yes, you can also use Yo!Kart Android Mobile App, if you own Yo!Kart license.

You can get the Yo!Kart android app at the following price:

For pricing:https://www.yo-kart.com/ecommerce-marketplace-mobile-apps.html

The price includes:

  • Yo!Kart Mobile App with default Yo!Kart features
  • Publishing the mobile app on your app store accounts (which you need to arrange)
  • Creating a Splash Page matching your website colour theme
  • Updating your business logo and App logo
  • Social Media Login API Configuration
  • Any other 3rd Party API configuration required making the App work for your website
  • APIs setup on your website and API URL settings in the App

Any functionality changes in the app will be charged extra.

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