Can I customize my Yo!Kart based website to my preference?


You can only customize the front-end of your Yo!Kart based website. Here is the list of features which you can manage/customize from Admin Panel in all packages of Yo!Kart-

  1. Color schemes
  2. Product categories
  3. Product attributes
  4. Revenue models
  5. Subscription Plans
  6. Logo
  7. Ad Banners
  8. Slides
  9. Discount Coupons
  10. Language (Please Note: Admin can change language from English to Arabic but the design/website layout will not flip from LTR to RTL)

Any other design or development changes are only possible in owned license copy i.e. GoQuick, GoCustom Lite and GoCustom Packages. You can execute these changes by your own if you have good understanding of HTML/CSS and PHP.

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