How can I manage smart recommendation on Yo!Kart?


Smart Recommendation module has been created to recommend products on the basis of product reviewed/bought, categories, brands and tags.

You can manage smart recommendation from the admin dashboard.

Under Smart recommendations, Admin can access

  • Manage weightage
  • Manage Recommendations
  • View product browsing history


– Manage Weightage (Products)

Here, you can manage products weightage for the listed events as shown in the screenshot:
Manage weightage

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Note: Weightage decides the recommendation of product to users


-Manage Recommendations

Here, you can view the weightage of products on which some action has been done. Also, you can add custom weightage for a particular product. Please see the screenshot below.

Smart Recommendations

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Note: On behalf of weightage of such products and browsing history of user, products will be recommended on the system.


– View product browsing history

Here, you can view the browsing history of products. Please see the screenshot below.Product browsing history

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For More Details Watch This Video:

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