How is the total shipping cost calculated for multiple products with different shipping price?


In case buyer adds multiple products having different shipping cost, to the cart- the total shipping cost will be the sum of shipping cost of individual product. Let’s say the buyer adds Product A, B and C to the cart. The shipping cost of A, B and C is $10, $15 and $20 respectively. The total shipping cost will be $45 (10+15+20).

However, the shipping cost varies with the quantity of product purchased.
Example: The shipping cost of 1 Adidas Cap is different from 2 Adidas Caps.

The seller/vendor has provision of managing the shipping cost as per the product order quantity. This can be done from the General Settings of the My Product section of the Seller Dashboard.

Login as Seller >> Go to Dashboard >> Go to My Products >> Edit any old product or add new product >> Select General tab (1st Tab).

Go the bottom of the page to manage the Shipping Charges.

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Train Asked on June 16, 2016 in Settings.
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