Why Guest Checkout is not recommended?


Adding guest checkout is not always a smart move for every online store as it could actually cause more problems than it solves.

One of the major drawback of guest checkout is that, contact information entered during checkout process is specific to that respective order and cannot be stored by the store owner for future use.

Other drawbacks of Guest Checkout Process:

  1. Difficulty in reviewing, modifying, or tracking orders.
  2. Inability to easily reorder products.
  3. Manually process product returns, exchanges, or refunds/credits
  4. Inability to link a customers’ order history/loyalty with other programs where account information is necessary (e.g. memberships)
  5. Affects Customer service – as it is time-consuming & difficult to assist shoppers without their account information

On the other hand, where guest checkout is not allowed the user information is saved with the online store for future use. This is also helpful for the customers, as they will not have to type their contact information and address every time while making a purchase.

Benefits to Admin and Sellers (Signed up Users):

  1. Helpful in future marketing activities
  2. Re-market products to customers in a more personalized way
  3. Send Email newsletters and promotional messages
  4. Improve Customer Service and relationship
  5. Better On-site experience
  6. Better understanding of customer preferences and buying behavior
  7. Gather feedback using contact information

To overcome the issue of guest checkout, we advise keeping the signup process/form short with only relevant and necessary fields like:

  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Password
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