Installation Services and Process – Shared/VPS/Dedicated Hosting Account Users


To host your system at your preferred hosting server, Yo!Kart needs following info:

  1. Control Panel Login Info: Generally, when you purchase a Linux hosting account the hosting company provides you with cPanel (control panel) Login information and DNS records. To point your domain to the server, you need to enter the correct DNS Name servers to your website Host. *cPanel may not be included in your hosting plan but always go for hosting plan with cPanel, it is recommended for clients who do not have Linux experts to work for them. (If the hosting company does not provide you the DNS records to use for your domain – you must request the support team of hosting company for it.)
  2. Unless Client purchased the domain name and hosting from the same company, Client should update the DNS records for the domain; it may take upto 48 hours to have the DNS updates take effect for different geographical locations.
    (Client can get this update done via Support Team of the company from where the domain was booked.)
  3. Ensure the domain is pointing to the hosting account. This can be checked via
  4. Server Configuration/settings should be available as required. General Requirements are:
  • URL rewriting must be working through htaccess file
  • MySQL should not be in strict mode i.e. STRICT_TRANS_TABLES should be turned off.
  • Other apache modules and PHP extensions will be required as per project. Some common of those (but not limited to) are:
  • PHP version 5.5 onwards
  • Mysql version 5.6 onwards
  • Apache mod_rewrite
  • PHP mysqli extension
  • Gd library
  • Curl enabled
  • Ioncube loader available (version 5 onwards is highly recommended)

Can Yo!Kart deal with my hosting company and domain booking company to ensure that the above listed requirements are met?

Yo!Kart can deal with your Domain Booking and Hosting Company to take care of the server configuration and website/portal setup/installation for:

  • USD 150: If you are using Shared/Dedicated/VPS hosting with cPanel.
  • USD 300: If you are using cloud hosting.

Please Note: If you are using AWS then server configuration and website/portal setup/installation is FREE.

But we recommend you to use hosting services from only professional hosting companies having 24×7 Technical Support. If you hand over the server requirements to them – they should take care of these requirements for you without any additional charge.


In case your team installing the application then it is recommended that please go with the git process. It will help us deliver you the latest updates (if no changes have been done to our delivered scripts at your end). In case there will be any updates, we will push those updates in a separate branch (For example: fatbit_master)  and you/your team can take a pull or merge in your active branch(s) (as per your internal requirements).

– In such cases where installation has been done through git and we are providing updates to you then your team has to take care of conflicts at your end.
– Where installation through git is not possible, we will provide patches to you and your dev team has to take care of adding these patches in the script manually.

Important: You need to provide us with the required credentials and contact information of the concerned Support Team Members to deal with.

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