Instructions for bulk data import and export


General Instructions

1) With Import / Export feature, admin and sellers can upload the file containing information about products to save time and efficiently manage the store. The exported file can also be edited and modified manually to make changes in the product information and can be imported to apply the changes made.

2) If the same sheet is uploaded multiple times then duplicate products will be uploaded andthe  system will auto-assign new ids to products.

3) By using a specific Product ID, the information about the product linked with that ID can be updated using the Import / Export feature.

Note: For better performance,it is recommended to import 1000 products at a time.

Trouble Shooters:

1) I am not able to upload products and received this error “the product_id is missing from the products sheet” but all the product ids are present?

Answer: Please ensure that there is not a single blank cell in under“id” field, as the system detects the blank cell as NULL, which is a valid cell value.

2) It’s very difficult for me to assign ids while uploading the feeds.

Answer: During import process, two options are available with admin and sellers, which are as followed:

  • Update and/or add data
  • Delete all old data before Import

The “Update and/or add data” options will update the already existing data with same Product ID and add products with new IDs.

The “Delete all old data before Import” feature will delete old data and upload new data associated with products.

3) Can I upload the products as admin or manager from the backend?

Answer: Yes, Admin / Manager can import data for all sellers from backend with Import feature.

4) Can multiple sellers upload the products at the same time or not because of same product ids assigned by sellers?

Answer: Yes, multiple sellers can import data at the same time on the system as the system manages to assign product IDs by itself. If assigned IDs already exist in the system then it will assign new ID to that particular product.



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