I need more info about Future Updates and Pricing


Do you provide Yo!Kart updates?

Yes, we provide Yo!Kart updates. Updates are launched as a bundle as well as module wise.

Client has an option either to choose entire bundle or specific module as per their convenience and requirements.

 How many updates are released annually?

Every year we release 2-3 stable updates of Yo!Kart.

How will the updates be installed?

Updates will be manually installed on client’s Yo!Kart copy.

Are the updates Free or paid?

All updates are paid. 

What will be the price of the update?

We will publish the price of updates upon release of new updates. Updated price will include Installation on client’s copy, our Yo!Kart Expert team will install it on client’s copy of Yo!kart. This will be applicable for those clients who are using Yo!Kart GoQuick package and have not done any customization.

*For Yo!Kart clients who have customized the Yo!Kart system with FATbit or some other resource, Update Cost will be assessed by Development team in each case and will be billed @ 20 USD/hour.

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