How does return and refund feature work on Yo!Kart?



Buyers can make a return and refund request for products they have purchased.
To initiate a return/refund request, the product order status should be “Delivered”.

Follow these steps to make a product return/refund request:

  1. Log into buyer dashboard area
  2. Click on “My Orders” from side menu to see the list of all orders
  3. Add “Delivered” order status filter to get the list of all delivered orders
    Buyer orders
  4. Click on Eye icon placed in front of product for which you want to make return/refund request. Clicking on Eye icon you will be directed to Order details page
    Buyer order details
  5. Click on $ icon on top right. Fill the return/refund request details in Order Return Request form
    refund request buyer
  6. Send Request
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