What’s on seller dashboard of Yo!Kart?


Seller dashboard of Yo!Kart provides the following features:

  • Total Sales – Gives information about total sales
  • Account Balance – Total balance in wallet
  • Total Orders – Total Number of orders
  • Total Sold Quantity – Total quantity of products sold
  • Sale Statistics – Last 12 months sales stats
  • Total Products – Total products added to the shop
  • Sold Quantity – Total sold quantity
  • Withdraw Money Option – Seller can request Admin to withdraw money from the wallet
  • Add Product in Shop Option – Products can be added from this available option
  • Latest 5 Orders – Latest 5 orders can be viewed on the dashboard
  • View all Orders – All orders can be viewed from here
  • Latest Messages – To view latest messages on the dashboard


Seller dashboard

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For More Info Watch this Video:

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