What is Wild Card Sub-Domain License and what are the benefits?


Wild card Sub-Domain license gives you the privilege to customize the URL of your Sellers’ stores. For e.g. your website domain is www.xyz.com then your seller A can use the sub domain www.stylestore.xyz.com

**With wild card license, you get unlimited sub domain license linked with the parent domain.

**Wildcard subdomain license will cost 999 USD OR GoQuick package price whichever is higher

You can allow your vendors to configure their store on their own preferred sub-domain (example: xyzstore.yourdomain.com, abcstore.yourdomain.com) or can setup Yo!Kart copy on different sub-domains for different geographical locations (example: india.yourdomain.com, brazil.yourdomain.com)

**Installation on each sub-domain can be done at an additional cost of 99 USD/sub-domain.

**Any Customization will cost you additional charges.

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