Yo!Kart – fight against the nulled scripts

First of all it’s important to know, what exactly is a ‘nulled script.’

Literal meaning of null is zero (also nothing or free).

Nulled script is basically an illegal version of a script, which can be illegally distributed without paying its actual/legal owner. Hackers remove encryption from the script so that it can be used without license. In case of Yo!Kart, some portion of the script is encrypted to stop illegal installations of the script. If you go for  Yo!Kart nulled script it will be impossible to get the future updates and the bugs (if any) fixed. Choosing a nulled script for your online business can be a threat to your online security as a result you and your customers can become a victim of online frauds.

Always go for legal and legitimate software to launch your online business or marketplace. Check Yo!Kart packages

Help us fight against these nulled script. Let us know if you find any downloading link or a website which provides illegal nulled script of Yo!Kart by searching the below mentioned keywords.

“nulled Yo!Kart” “nulled YoKart” “YoKart nulled” “nuller YoKart”

Let us know about any suspicious links by replying on this FAQ or directly contact us

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