What are the available license/ownership options for Yo!Kart?


Yo!Kart System comes with SDNEL or with SDNEL + Wild Card License*.

However, custom features can be built under SDNEL or Work Made For Hire/Exclusive Rights license type.

Note: Yo!Kart team reserves the right to decide if the custom features should be billed at SDNEL Price or Exclusive Rights Price.

Below we have more details about these license types:

Single Domain Non-Exclusive License (SDNEL): Client gets non-exclusive rights on the custom work performed and Yo!Kart can resell the code, design, documents, etc., to other clients.

Clients cannot setup the work delivered on more than one domain for which the license was originally issued.

Work Made For Hire/Exclusive Rights: Client owns all rights on the work performed including- source code, design, and documents.

Yo!Kart does not resell the same code, design, and documents to any other client. However,

Yo!Kart can work on similar projects and rebuild the software/application for other clients.

Customization work is billed at Exclusive Rights basis if the custom work requirements are very specific to an individual client needs and are not in demand by other Yo!Kart clients.

*Wild Card License: When you buy Wild Card License, you are allowed to host/run the website on N number of sub-domains attached to the primary domain for which the SDNEL license was issued.

If you are setting up a different database for different sub-domains (for example – country-specific sub-domains are having separate databases then you are required to buy a separate GoQuick License for each such instance). Installation on each sub-domain can be done at an additional cost of 99 USD/sub-domain. Standard charges/terms shall be applicable for support and customization required.

Mobile apps can be customized at additional cost as per your requirements for using wild-card license.

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