What is new in Yo!Kart Version 9 Marketplace Solution?


Yo!Kart Marketplace Solution aims to redesign the platform to enhance user experience and support product catalog feature for the portal admin to authenticate the product before listing it online and allows easy product addition to the vendors.

The major features and updates done in Yo!Kart Marketplace are:

Sr. No.

Features Description


UX focused redesign After a complete redesign, Yo!Kart has become more User-friendly and has been rechristened in a new avatar by taking into account the latest design UI/UX trends, and consumer/seller feedbacks. Our team has restyled both front end as well as back end. This has made managing your ecommerce store more seamless.
2. New Catalogue Feature One of the most innovative update in the current version of Yo!Kart is the catalog feature that makes it easy for vendors to add products to the marketplace. Using this feature, marketplace owners can create a catalog beforehand and all that the sellers have to do is just select the product from within the catalog and set their pricing. The sellers can also request product addition for the products that are not in the catalog.
 3. Multilingual As ecommerce marketplaces are going global there is a need for them to be multilingual so that they can cater to local populace of different zones. Not all countries have their primary language as English. With Yo!Kart adding multilingual support, marketplace owners can easily cater to consumers without any language barrier.
 4. Multicurrency Just like the above, each country has its own currency and in the current market dynamics it is crucial for multi-vendor ecommerce stores to offer pricing information as per local currency. The latest version of Yo!Kart has a built in feature that lets the admin set currency conversion value, allowing consumers and sellers to view prices in their preferred currency.
 5. Smarter Product Recommendation The recommendation has also become smarter, with more streamlined weightage. This not only gives better suggestion to the consumers but also is useful in enhancing sales of the marketplace.


Other features and resolved issues

  • URL Rewriting Management
    The portal Admin can customize the existing system generated URL’s from the back-end. Advantages being:
    a.Security: Hide site structure (language etc.)
    b. SEO: URL rewriting’ make website more friendly to Google
    c. User interface: More useful and friendly to user


  • Loyalty/Rewards functionality
     1) Rewards on Every Purchase: Portal Admin can define the reward points for every purchase made by the Buyers.
    2) Purchase in a Year Rewards: Total reward points to be given on annual basis and set the purchase limit in relevance to the reward points.
    3) Birthday Rewards for Users: Reward points can be given on Buyers birthday annually.


  • Payfort Payment Gateway
    It’s a most trusted payment gateway in the Middle-east.


  • Enhanced Reports System at the backend
    Admin can view reports of “Top selling” products and categories and plan the products in the Catalog accordingly.


  • Threshold Level Products
    Admin can send email to Sellers on their stock availability of products reaching the threshold level/Automatic Emails can be enabled on Seller end also if they wish to receive the emails they can enable the stock alert while adding a product.


  • Cash on Delivery is more enhanced
    Admin can add and assign the product shipping to the Shipping User added from the back-end.


  • Import/Export for Language Labels
    A provision in the Admin panel is provided to Export the default language (English) labels, using which the admin can translate (*offline) each label into the required language(s) and import the default language labels and translated language labels collectively.


  • Seller dashboard graph
    The graphical representation is enriched to enhance the Seller Experience. It is shown widely on the dashboard screen of the Sellers compared to its predecessor.


  • Right to Left Design layout
    The design layout of the default system can be switched to the required orientation. For example, for Arabic , the design layout can be switched to Right to Left whereas for English it can be switched to Left to Right respectively.
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